Life Pearls is a unique concept that combines a parenting application for iOS and Android devices and a symbolic vase filled with pearls. Life Pearls was developed to provide today’s busy young parents activity ideas and opportunities to create and cherish memories with their child. Each Life Pearls vase contains exactly 936 pearls, which symbolizes the number of weeks between the birth of baby and their 18th birthday and a unique code to unlock an 18-year membership to the mobile application. Each week, parents will receive one of 936 activities ideas tailored to the age of the child. Suggestions range from developmental and stimulating activities and veer towards fun, quality time ideas for older children. The app also allows parents to take pictures and securely share these precious memories with friends and family and at the end of the year parents will automatically receive a virtual photo album featuring all of your child’s precious moments that could also be ordered in print format.

In addition, Life Pearls donates 50% of all profits to a charity organization in helping single mothers in Cambodia, “Mother’s Heart Cambodia”.


Vase with 936 pearls
Application for iOS and Android – 18 Year membership
936 weekly activities tailored to the age of the child
936 helpful quotes and advice on parenting
Perfect for shower gift
Donates to charitable organizations

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Life Pearls

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