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DECCO the Toddler Monitor is a smart monitor that is fully controlled by the free Toddler Monitor app. It hangs on a doorknob and alerts parents if their toddler leaves their bedroom or safe space. It gives parents peace of mind, knowing that they will be alerted if their toddler is on the move, so that they can get a good night's sleep.

Hang it anywhere indoor - Bedroom, Front/Back and Sliding doors. DECCO the Toddler Monitor can be placed on any door type inside your home.
USB Rechargeable Battery. DECCO the Toddler Monitor is easily charged using the USB cable that is included in the package. The charge will last approximately 7 days with daily use.
Use it anywhere - On Vacation, Home, Cottage, At Grandmas, etc. Going on vacation or dropping off your toddler at Grandmas? No problem, DECCO the Toddler Monitor can be used anywhere! It's that simple!
App Features - Bluetooth iOS / Android
Reliable BLE Technology DECCO the Toddler Monitor detects motion using a built-in low power, high performance accelerometer, and communicates using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to support your child safety requirements.
Smartphone Enabled App. DECCO the Toddler Monitor pairs with and is fully controlled by the iOS or Android app that can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. Because we know you want to use DECCO at night, we have also included the ability to silence your phone or put it on Do Not Disturb and still receive alerts.

App alerts include:

Range Connectivity
Low battery on DECCO the Toddler Monitor
Low battery on your phone
App functionality includes:

Ability to tailor the sensitivity and style of alert that you receive (three audible sounds and haptic vibration)
Ability to monitor up to three DECCO the Toddler Monitor devices at the same time so that you can use multiple devices in your home

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DECCO the toddler monitor - Pink

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